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Application Information for Chinese Government Scholarship

I. Categories and Applicants and Duration of Scholarship for master degree

Duration of Major Study: 3 years

Another 1 or 2 years are required If you need take Remedial Chinese Language class.

II. Application

The applicants should send their applications to the Institute of International Culture Exchange of Jilin Normal University before March 15-20, 2016.

III. Eligibility

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationality and in good health and with no criminal records. Applicants for Master degree studies must have Bachelor degree and be between the ages of 18 to 35.

2. Applicants should have not been as students in China from September 2015 to March 2016.

Chinese Language Proficiency needs to reach the level of New HSK 4 (195) or BA in Chinese. Applicants without above language proficiency are required to take Chinese language courses for 1 or 2 years before their major studies under the scholarship. Anyone who does not pass HSK 4 will lose your scholarship automatically.

IV. Details of the Scholarship

1. Living allowance: CNY 3000 yuan/month, it will be paid monthly by school.

2. Outpatient medical treatment: Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China is insured by the EMOC for the scholarship students in China against diseases and accidents.

3. Airport Pick-up service is not free. If you need airport pick-up, please contact the school 2 weeks before the arrival date.

V. Application Materials

1. Two Application Forms for Chinese Government Scholarship

(1) Applicants must make the application on line. Please make sure to provide all required information in details in Chinese or English.

(2) Submit the Application Form and print it out 2 copies with passport size photo on it. Any incorrect or missed information may cause the fail of your application.

(3) Please select CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP for the program and Agency No. of Jilin Normal University is 10203.

2. Notarized photocopy: Highest diploma and transcripts are required . If applicants are university students or already employed, they should provide documents of being university students or on-post employees. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with translations in Chinese or English.

3. STUDY PLAN in Chinese or English (no less than 500 words for postgraduates).

4. Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by professors or associate professors with their contact information and signature on it.

5. Photocopies of Foreigner Physical Examination Form and AID Testing Report filled in English, and the original copy should be kept by the students upon the arrival. Any miss or incorrect documents may cause the fail of your application.

6. Copy of passport (Valid for more than 1 year)

7. One photo in electronic version.

V. Approval, Notification and Enrollment Time

Jilin Normal University will mail the invitation letters directly to the applicant before July 15-20, 2016, so that the student can apply the Students Visa to study in China. Enrollment Time is in the end of August, 2016 (the specific time is to be fixed upon Jilin Normal University International Students Admission Notice). Make sure to provide your contact information correct and available.

VI. Important remind:

(1)Please select your major according to your previous major and Chinese level, and it can not be changed after you come to school. There is only one independent class for foreign students majoring in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Foreign students of other majors will take the classes with Chinese students.

(2) Priority: Students with special talents and expertise in culture and sports have the priority to be enrolled.

VII. Contact us

The Institute of International Culture Exchange, Jilin Normal University

Mailing add: 1301 Haifeng Street, Siping City, Jilin Province, 136000, P.R.C


Instructions for students' online application for studying in China under Chinese Government Scholarship

Step 1: Log on

The applicants should register for username and password before logging.

Step 2: After logging on the system, please read the "ONLINE APPLICATION GUIDANCE" and follow the steps.

Step 3: Click the button "NEXT" and select the scholarship you want to apply for.(Please select the Chinese Government Scholarship)

Step 4: Please note that the "AGENCY NO." is one of the most crucial part of your online application. It is listed in the first blank under the "PERSONAL DATA". Please make sure that you fill it in correctly, otherwise you will not be able to continue your online application.(Use English only)Your "AGENCY NO." is 10203.

Step 5: Please fill in the online application form truth fully, correctly and completely following the steps listed on the left of the page.

The applicants are required to select the disciplines before choosing their majors. Any inquiry about the disciplines and majors please refer to the Disciplines Index, which could be downloaded from "Help".

Step 6: Preview the application form after finishing it and submit it online.

Step 7: Please download the finished application form by licking the button "DOWNLOAD APPLICATION" and print it out for two copies.

Step 8: Please prepare other supporting documents as required and send the full package of application documents to the dispatching authorities in duplicate.

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