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About Jilin Normal University

Jilin Normal University, founded in 1958, is a key university in Jilin province. It is located in Siping city. Its former name is Siping Normal College. The university with spacious campus and elegant environment covers an area of 920,000 square meters. Jilin Normal University serves as the local education and it is also the training center for provincial teachers at all levels. Jilin College and University teachers' training center is located here. At present, there are 22 colleges, 2 teaching sections, 27 research units and 117 laboratories. There are 55 undergraduate programs in total and nearly one hundred secondary discipline master's degree authorization centers. The library has 1.84 million volumes. The total student population is more than 29,000, and 15,632 of which are full time students. Jilin Normal University owns comparative strong teacher resources. There are 1,488 faculty-members, 1,041 full-time teachers, 523 associate and full professors, and 10 PhD supervisors. Jilin Normal University always attaches importance to education and teaching quality. The focus is on the integration of students’ knowledge, professional skills and the moral integrity. The university aims to train students to follow the principles in accordance with spirits, morality, global perspective and capability of teaching. Graduated students are in high demand and get highly praised by the society and work enterprises.


Jilin Normal University is very active in developing foreign academic exchanges and has wide inter-school cooperation. It has established cooperative relationship with universities and educational scientific researching institutions in the United States, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia and Great Britain etc.. In 2006, awarded by the Ministry of Education to accept foreign students of Chinese Government Scholarship eligibility.


Jilin Normal University welcomes all foreign students to study here. We can offer the major which is suitable for you. Currently, students from 14 countries like America, Russia, Japan, Korea,Mongolia, Cuba, Kazakhstan , Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Laos, Grenada, and Nigeria are studying here. The Institute of International Culture Exchange will provide the best services to meet their needs and to make their stay comfortable. Mankind has entered a new century. Peace and development, the two main themes of the modern world, offer possibilities and opportunities for the development of education. In its past glorious 55 years, Jilin Normal University has contributed to the basic educational service and local economic construction. We look forward to the extensive development of educational resources, and hope to expand educational development space and seize opportunities in order to create a new and excellent university, which is distinctive, modern, open and full of vitality.

Institute of International Culture Exchange

Institute of International Culture Exchange of Jilin Normal University was founded in 2002, mainly in charge of the Chinese education of over 20 overseas countries’ students. College has instructed more than 3000 overseas students during the past 10 years. The teaching purpose is to improve the combat ability of Chinese language and spread the excellent Chinese traditional culture, at the same time combine improving the students’ comprehensive ability to use Chinese and reasonable development of teaching materials and advanced lectures way. At present, there are more than 350 college students learning Chinese at school. In addition, the institute established the courses for foreign students such as tradition folk instrument, Chinese martial arts, Chinese calligraphy. And we employed the foreign teachers to teach the Southeast Asian students who are not in the English circles. At present college has 4 professors, 3 associate professor, 14 lecturers and 2 external English teachers. At the same time, we own a powerful team, which is consist of 8 full-time staff and has rich modern teaching management experience.


What we could offer are the best!

● First, in order to improve the students' communication ability of Chinese language, we have specially opened the oral practice lessons, developed a variety of teaching material, and taken diversified lecture ways. For the students, no Chinese language foundation, teachers will take the classroom learning content as the basis and lead the students into the social life to contact with the different crowd, by real life communication and exchanges to improve students' oral Chinese communicative competence and increase the understanding of the contemporary Chinese social culture. At the same time, under the guidance of teachers, the Chinese major students will come into the classroom, with the 1:1 model to carry out theme discussion, in order to improve foreign students’ Chinese speaking level, and enhance the cultural comprehension between Chinese and foreign students.

● Second, we make the traditional listening course way develop into "Listening and Speaking" in order to adapt to the new HSK examination requirements, and offer the way that "listening material + video watching + comment after listening" to the students, from the traditional "listen then judge" into "the whole of listening, watching and speaking”, aim to improve the students' listening and speaking ability and the understanding to problems. For that we have developed all kinds of video teaching materials which combines the language knowledge and the culture custom to make listening course be the very important course improving students’ comprehensive language ability.

● Third, for having good exchanging between China's traditional culture and the excellent culture in student’s country, the institute regularly has national cultural experience lectures, and opens Chinese martial arts, traditional folk musical instruments, calligraphy lectures, and ancient poetry reading class which the foreign students are interested in. By often holding area experience cultures and Chinese food experience activities to improve the cultural accomplishment.

● Fourth, we provide good rest environment for foreign students. We have the best apartment within domestic university facilities, and with low cost and high quality services to welcome students from all over the world.


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